ATENCIóN is a company that focus on timeless design, for a sustainable wardrobe. The clothes we offer has been handmade by us
— right here in Sweden.

ATENCIóN is a company that focus on timeless design, for a sustainable wardrobe.
The clothes we offer has been handmade by us, right here in Sweden.

At this point in time, we believe the most effective way to make fashion reduce its negative impact on the environment it through the way we consume clothes. We are therefor here to offer handmade pieces that will stand the test of time both in style and quality, so that instead of consuming the enormous amounts that people have been up until now, we will invest our money in better products that lasts so that the need to consume, becomes minimal.

We are also certain that the production and the sales of clothes plays a big role in the waste and pollution that the textile industry are responsible for. Therefore, we are working towards being able to provide clothes only when you as a customer order it. That way we will not have to keep stock and there will be no waste of material. In this very moment, because we are a new brand, we are not enough people to be able to provide this service. Instead we have handmade a small collection and have made a small number of each piece.

We are strongly against mass production for many reasons, two big ones being that it leads to mass consumption and waste.

When companies produce more products than there is a demand for it means a lot of things won’t get sold for full price and instead the companies must have a big sale. These big sales trick people in to buying stuff they don’t need or even want, just because it is cheap.
Something that often happens when we buy cheap things is also that we don’t see any real value in it and as a result, we don’t take care of them. So we use it and it might get a stain, or it breaks after a little while, and instead of cleaning it or fixing it, we throw it away.

Then there are the things that doesn’t even get sold. The amount of clothing not being sold and just left in warehouses, never seeing the light of day, is shocking. Some of it gets thrown away and some gets burned and some just lays there. This means the material was made for nothing and the pollution that production and the transporting of it let out was even more unnecessary.

We, as manufacturers, have a responsibility to work in a fair and sustainable way and in doing that we hope to inspire and help you as a consumer, to become more conscious and help in the fight against the climate crisis.

Together we can make a difference!

Lots of love