Who is responsible for the personal details provided?

You (the customer) is responsible for the information you provide up on checkout or when creating a customer account. Atencion Handelsbolag are responsible for and handles, in line with the GDPR law, the personal information given.

Company name: Atencion Handelsbolag


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at

What information do we store?

For customers that buy a one-time item and don't sign up for a Customer Account, the information stored is:

  • Customer name

  • Email address

  • The last four digits of the card used

  • Address

  • Item purchased

For customers that buy a subscription item (where automatic renewal is required), the information that their profile/account contains is:

  • Customer name

  • Email address

  • Customer since (date of first order)

  • Total spent

  • Date of last order

  • Number of orders

  • Average order value

  • All saved shipping address (customers can store multiple addresses and set a default)

  • All saved payment methods and billing addresses (customers can store multiple payment methods and set a default)

Why do we store personal information?

The reason us storing your personal information is so that we can keep record of our orders and most importantly so that we can assist you if you contact us regarding an order or about your customer account.


We do not sell any of your personal data. To be able to provide our services to you and to run our business, we share data with third parties, which are involved in processing purchases and processing payments. We use Squarespace Inc. for our website and to process purchases and we use Stripe Inc. to process payments. To deliver your package we use Postnord AB. You can read about Squarespace’s privacy policies here :, about Stripe’s privacy policies here: and about Postnord’s privacy policy here:

For how long do we store customer’s personal data?

In the case of invoices,we store the information until our website expires and the contents are wiped (which occurs 30 days after expiration or cancellation). In regard to Customer Accounts, until the customer changes or removes it.

Who has access to the personal information stored?

You (the customer) the site owners and any ‘Administrator’ contributors as well as our third-parties listed under “third-party”, have access to the personal information.

What rights do you (as a customer) have to the data stored?


In regard to order invoices, you have the right to request a new one at any time.

Cusomer accounts

In regard to Customer Accounts, you can remove your own information at any time.


You also have the right to, at any time, request access to the information we have from you, simply contact us via email and we will provide the details requested.


You have the right to request your information, stored by Atencion HB, being deleted at any time, with the exception of the following:

  • You have an ongoing errand/matter with our customer service.

  • You have an ongoing order that has not yet been sent or is being sent at that time.

  • You have an unpaid debt with us

  • If you have purchased anything from us we keep the information for our end of year book keeping.

If you wish to practise any of your rights, please email us at